Cypriot artists confront tradition creatively in new exhibition

The traditional arts and crafts of Cyprus offer a wealth of techniques and a rich visual vocabulary to work with. Although many handicrafts have been produced in the same way from generation to generation, some contemporary artists and designers are reconsidering traditional arts with an eye toward rejuvenating or refurbishing them. The exhibition entitled ‘.CY: Alternative Traditional Art and Design’ gathers works by thirteen artists and three design teams at Almyra. Taking its name from the country extension for Cyprus in internet domain names, the exhibition focuses on the notion of Cypriot culture in the current moment. Artists in the show may approach common Cypriot concerns through modern techniques or, conversely, use traditional Cypriot techniques to approach issues outside the traditional frame of reference. They do not stay within the comfortable realm of folklore and or render familiar provincial scenery. Instead, these artists confront Cypriot traditions creatively, discovering new paths of inquiry and modes of expression. Their works explore (and celebrate) the multifaceted richness of Cypriot identity. The exhibition opens on 14 September at 20:30 with a reception in the Lobby. Curated by Yiannis Sakellis, the group show features artists and designers Christos Avraam, Michalis Argyrou, Elena Daniel, Stella Karagiorgi, Marios Konstantinidis, Charalambos Margaritis, Eleni Panayiotou, Christos Panayiotou, Charalambos Proestos, Marios Shiarlis, Christina Tsantekidou, Paris Christodoulou, Yiannis Sakellis, the design team ‘ΦΧΨ heritage design’, the team Retrovi, and the foundation Faneromenis70. The exhibition continues through 5 October.