Interview with ΦΧΨ Heritage Design – Finalist Award Larnaca Biennale 2018

Who are ΦΧΨ Heritage Design? Share with us a few things about you and your work in general.

ΦΧΨ is a design team, initiated by curator Yianna Tsolaki and designers, Marios Charalambous and Constantinos Economides. The team’s focus is on creating a visual and literally impact on aspects of heritage.

The team has curated exhibitions for the Lithuanian company  Contraforma and Lebanese collectible Bojka, the design section of Papenhuder 57 gallery in Hamburg, but also collaborated with designers from South Korea, Belgium, the Netherlands, France, Brazil (Campana Brothers) and the UK (Peter Marigold).   Each creative has exhibited internationally, both individually and collectively in Cyprus, London, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Milan, Valencia and Athens.  In 2018, a product designed by the team, was nominated for the German Design Award in the Excellent Product Design category.

What was your reaction when you heard that you where awarded?

Honoured but most importantly content that our conceptual and design work was being appreciated.

Tell us a few words about your awarded work.

Our proposal aims to focus on the topography of five monumental religious buildings in Larnaka, enabling the audience to experience a visual connection between man and his (spiritual) heritage. The five monumental religious buildings in Larnaka, are the following: 1. Church of St. Lazarus.  2. Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque.  3. Sourp Stephanos Armenian Apostolic Church.  4. St. Mary of Graces Catholic Church.  5. St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church.

The Container denotes that it Contains matter. There is neither implication nor intent however that the Container that Contains will be transferred, much rather its mobility or aspired destination remains irrelevant.   And what if the Content of the Container is paradoxically deemed unworthy of transferring. Would that somehow belittle its historic role or aspect of essentiality?

What is your impression about this first Biennial in Cyprus?

The event was organized and run in an orderly and sincere manner.  The Arts took focal point and were celebrated through it and Larnaca has been placed on an important cultural map.  We were never skeptical about it’s impact, we hope that by contributing to this initiative positively, it has ensured its future success.

A message you would like to send to artists that will apply in the future for participation in Larnaca Biennale.

Collectivism is the future.  Empowerment lies in what many can achieve together.  Do take part, volunteer to help, provide your know-how if that will enrich the cause.   Do not renounce the Arts!