1 Border, 2 rusty bumpers, 3759mm yellow Bridge*

WHAT: Presentation
WHERE: Nicosia
WHEN: November 2018

1 Border
2 rusty bumpers
3759mm yellow Bridge*

“A rusting yellow Morris Minor buried in weeds on the Green Line has become a landmark mentioned in the UN cease – fire agreement. The Turkish government claims that the line starts at the rear bumper. The UN argues that it’s the front one”. The Destruction of Memory by Robert Bevan.

Alexandros Arnoldos Konstantinos Issigonis FRS CBE RDI Commander of the British Empire 1964, Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts 1967, Royal Designer for Industry (1964). Issigonis was knighted in 1968. A celebrated car designer nicknamed by his peers “the Greek god”.

At Morris Motors Limited between 1936-1971 British influential car designer of Greek/German origin, Sir Alec Issigonis (1906-1988) acquired his British Nationality through his grandfather who came to Smyrna from Paros, Greece in the 1830’s where his engineering company helped the British build Smyrna-Aydin Railway.

In 1922 Alec and his family were evacuated by British Royal Marines before the outbreak of the Great Fire of Smyrna. His father passed away the same year, they moved to the UK in 1923.”

a Greek god
a celebrated designer
a legendary car
an undisputed colour of Cyprus

This Border Remains