Green Line Lamp

Collective: ΦΧΨ Heritage Design
Title: Green Line Lamp
Dimensions: 71cmLx25Hx4.5D
Material: Solid Surface

Nicosia, our home town, stands divided with a buffer zone also known as a dead zone, since 1964. This is commonly known as the Green Line. A British Colonel drew this on a town map, in a green crayon, following the bi-communal unrest of the period following the anticolonial struggle. The Green Line lamp depicts this, a green line, brought to the surface and standing as a division proportionate to that of the island’s. When the lamp is lit the line remains dark.

Green Line Lamp belongs to the Green Line series of functional design products. It has been exhibited at the design section of the Hamburg PAPENHUDER 57 Gallery (2015-16) and is part of an award-winning series of heritage activism works by ΦΧΨ.

Exhibited in the parallel events of the Larnaka Biennale 2021 at Kypriaki Gonia October 2021.