Green Line Series

WHAT: Furniture
WHERE: Hamburg
WHEN: May 2015

Cyprus has been since 1963 marked with a green line by the British, to separate the island into two parts. Since the Turkish invasion in 1974, the 30% of the island has been occupied.

The wall lamp is purely inspired by this green line. The green line is substituted with a green wire, and rather than hiding it, it becomes a crucial part of the overall design language of the lamp. The green wire divides the wall lamp in two parts, in a 70% and a 30% of its surface respectively.

The lamp is made of solid oak wood and veneer. The wall lamp is characterised by its materialistic simplicity. When lit, the characteristics of the material become visible, as the grains of the oak veneer are revieled. Moreover the part where the green wire “divides” the wall lamp does not lit when the lamp is switched on, to indicate that this part resembles the “dead” zone that currently divides the island.
Materials: Solid oak wood and veneer.

Year produced: 2014.

Photo credits: Harris Kyprianou / Pashalis Panteli.

The pieces were exhibited at the Papenhuder 57 Gallery in Hamburg in 2015, under the curation of Yianna Tsolaki.