Larnaka Biennale, “Worship Container”

WHAT: Installation
WHERE: Larnaca Bienalle
WHEN: October 2018

“Sacred spaces may both provoke a sense of what we lack yet equally evoke possibility and hope. They can also assist the re-enchantment of urban existence and liberate people from a sense of fundamental estrangement” Philip Sheldrake, Faith Is.

The Worship container was a proposal for the first Larnaca Biennale which took place in 2018, under the curational theme Container and Content.

The proposal aimed to focus on the topography of five monumental religious buildings in Larnaca, enabling the audience to experience a visual connection between man and his (spiritual) heritage. The five monumental religious buildings included, the Church of St.Lazarus, the Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, the Sourp Stephanos Armenian Apostolic Church, the St. Mary of Graces Catholic Church and the St. Josephs Roman Catholic Church.

The container denotes that it contains matter. There is neither implication nor intent however that the container that contains will be transfered, much rather its mobility or aspired destination remains irrelevant.

And what if the content of the container is paradoxically deemed unworthy fo transferring. Would that somehow belittle its historic role or aspect of essentiality?

Year produced: 2018.

Materials: mdf, mdf with oak veneer, corian and steel tubes.

Approximate dimensions: 300 x 120 x 220 cm (length x depth x height).

Photo credits: Emma Louise Charalambous.