The Berengaria Project on “Subjection & Defiance”

WHAT: Installation
WHERE: Cyprus
WHEN: October 2019

The Berengaria Triptych Hotel / King / Camp, was ΦΧΨ’s Heritage Design proposal for the Berengaria Project – “Subjection & Defiance”. Each part of the triptych relates with Berengaria in its own way:

Queen Berengaria of Navarre – (Queen of England) virtuous but plain.
Berengaria Hotel in Prodromos – all the fun was in the Kinghts Club.
Berengaria military camp in Polemidia, Limassol – olive grove and geranium gardens.

The Berengaria of Navarre, Queen to King Richard I (Richard the Lionheart), the Berengaria Hotel in Prodromos and the Berengaria military camp in Polemidia, only seem relevant in name to one another, whereas below the layers of all their related history all three were stigmatised by desertion.

Year produced: 2019.

Materials: cast concrete, bronze, stone, steel, rusted steel.

Dimensions: 14 x 84 (diameter x height).

Photo credits: Silvio Rusmigo.