The Worship Container features at ‘Protect and Secure Worship’ Conference

The #worship #container made waves again at the first International Conference on “Protect & Secure Worship” an EU funded project focusing on protecting and securing religious heritage through a multi sectoral collaboration organised in Cyprus organised by the @csi_cy Center for Social Innovation. The video installation featured the Worship Container reflecting the fundamental aspects of faith, religions and worship. ΦΧΨ´s Worship Container depicts the topography of five monumental religious sites in Larnaca, which invites the audience to both experience and question the connection between man and his (spiritual) heritage, as container and content. The five religious sites are the Church of St. Lazarus, Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque, Sourp Stephans Armenian Apostolic Church, St. Mary of Graces Catholic Church and the St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church.